All companies that have emerged in the twenty first century are centered around an emphasis on data. They value important aspects of data and have built their services in an effective manner.

What will you do as a data analyst?

Data analytics is the process of extracting beneficial conclusions from the data available. The availability of the data is the responsibility of the data analyst. Data can be obtained from many pre-existing figures like sales figures, logistics, transportation costs, or market research. The basic job of a data analyst is to procure the data and utilize the same in a manner that proves favorable for the company. In more practical terms, we may often find data analysts having a significant say in pricing a new product in the market. Not only this, they may also be required to find ways to lower the cost incurred from transportation. They must find new methods of reducing costs and all money being spent by the company and must assist any research teams in determining what size workforce is needed at various times of the year. In simple language, they may inform higher management professionals about how many people should be a part of a particular project or should work on weekends.

Job skills and requirements in a simple language.

It is obvious that the data analysts need analytics skills. These skills help an individual handle any amount of data in the form of data facts or figures. Therefore, working through these sets of data and their analysis requires great analytical skills which can then be used to derive conclusions. Communication and analytical skills are also mandatory. Analysts are called to present their conclusions and to transform raw data into understandable information for others. They are quite often required to speak clearly, communicate concise ideas which may sound complex. Critical thinking is also preferred by professionals. They have to deal with large figures on a daily basis and their duty is to derive conclusions out of them. Moreover, in order to derive sound conclusions, these professionals have to make sure that proper attention is given to every detail so as to avoid missing any portion of the findings that may hamper the understanding of the end result. Lastly, before finalizing the operation, an individual must process data which requires great proficiency in mathematical skills.

How much will you earn? 

Data analysts’ earnings depend on the degree of experience and the type of analysis. According to official findings from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analysts earn nearly $80,000 USD annually. Market analysts scored least with a handsome earning of $60,000 USD and research analysts sat in the middle with $71,000 USD.

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