Prerequisites and Applications of Data Analytics

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Today’s largest companies are driven by one of the most important and trending aspects, data analytics. Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more convert gathered data into insights which can then be used to compete in the hypercompetitive world now and in the future. With the help of deep data analytics, companies like Uber and Airbnb are increasing their taxi and hospitality business, respectively. Hence, all companies are moving to a data-driven approach using data analytics.

Applications of Data Analytics

 Travel

Data analytics is capable of optimizing the buying experience with the help of social media analytics and mobile and web log analysis. The current and historical data is analyzed to understand the desirable and preferable travel places and activities of the customers. Using it, travel companies can pitch their best services and offers to potential clients. Current sales are matched to browsing patterns to create customized and personalized travel packages. Social media data is also analyzed to find people’s interests.

 Energy Management

Firms use data analytics for energy management. Some of the possibilities include energy optimization, building automation, smart grid management, energy distribution, and more. Data analytics is also used for monitoring and controlling service outages, network devices, and dispatch crews. Networks are monitored at various data points to understand and analyze performance.

 Gaming

The game’s data is collected and analyzed to optimize its in-app experience. They capture data such as

relationships, likes, dislikes, hours spent, and activities of users in the game.

 Healthcare

Data analytics is widely used in healthcare to solve problems ranging from small to big scenarios. These can be related to diagnosis, equipment, process improvement, and more. It helps to increase the efficiency and to improve the quality of healthcare.

 Internet search

To yield the best results every few seconds, search engines employ data analytics algorithms in effective ways.

 Recommendation systems

Recommendation systems are used with E-Commerce sites for the purpose of digital marketing. Amazon is the topmost company deploying data analytics to promote its business. It improves the user experience by making it easy to find the right product out of millions easily and to suggest similar types of products. It directs customers to relevant products based on their purchase history.

 Digital Marketing and Advertisement

All digital marketing services today use data analytics as their primary technique. Data analytics is used in different digital marketing strategies like banner ads, email marketing, social media marketing, CTR, traditional marketing, and more.

Prerequisites to become a Data Analyst

 Programming skills- One should have functional knowledge of Python and R programming

language. These have many inbuilt and supporting libraries and they are extremely important for

data analytics.

 Machine learning skills- One should have knowledge about different machine learning models and algorithms.

 Mathematics and statistical skills- one should have a clear understanding of inferential and

descriptive statistics.

 Data visualization skills- One should know about data visualization tools.

 Data handling and management skills.

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